David Jardine

David N. Jardine


Practice Description

David sees administrative law through both an intellectual and practical lens. He represents professional governing associations, agricultural marketing boards, and other regulatory agencies. David has acted as general counsel and prosecuting counsel for professional regulatory agencies for more than three decades. More recently, a significant portion of his practice has come to involve his acting as independent counsel to boards and tribunals.

David is also an experienced commercial and insolvency litigator. He has extensive experience appearing before the Court of Appeal of Alberta and before the Court of Queen’s Bench in relation to his administrative law practice and insolvency matters.

David is also the Assistant Editor of the Administrative Law Reports (Thompson Carswell), a role he has held since 2005 and is a frequent speaker at legal seminars and has contributed to administrative law publications.

Professional Activities

  • 2005 – Present – Assistant Editor, Administrative Law Reports (Thompson Carswell);
  • 2003-2004 – Member of the Rules of Court Project Judicial Review Committee reviewing and recommending changes to the Alberta Rules of Court relating to judicial review, 2003-2004;
  • 2001 – 2003 – Chairman of the Administrative Law Subsection – North;

Papers Presented and Publications

  • “New Evidence on Judicial Review or on Appeal”, Presentation to the Northern Administrative Law Subsection of the Canadian Bar Association, Presented on January 27, 2015;
  • “New Evidence on Judicial Review or on Appeal” in “Evidence Law Refresher” Legal Education Society of Alberta Seminar, Presented on November 24, 2014 and December 3, 2014;
  • Update of “Chapter 16 – Private Law Remedies and the Tort Liability of Public Authorities” in Principles of Administrative Law, Jones & de Villars, Sixth Edition, 2014 (with William Shores, Q.C.);
  • “Rules of Court Interpreted – Part 9: Judgments and Orders” in “Rules of Court Interpreted” Legal Education Society of Alberta Seminar, Presented on November 7 and November 29, 2012;
  • “Theirs to Reason Why – A Synopsis of the Administrative Law Jurisprudence Relating to Reasons”, Presented to the 28th Annual Conference of the Council of Administrative Tribunals, May 13, 2012; Subsequently published in revised form in Volume 25, Canadian Journal of Law and Administrative Practice 253 (with William Shores, Q.C.);
  • “Costs Before Tribunals: Can We Get Paid?”, Presentation to the Northern Administrative Law Subsection, Presented on November 15, 2011 (one of two presenters);
  • “Adequacy of Tribunal Reasons – A New Correctness Test?” Presentation to the Northern Administrative Law Subsection of the Canadian Bar Association, Presented on September 21, 2010;
  • “Issues and Analysis: Applying the Facts to the Law to Reach a Decision” in “Decision Writing: A Legal and Practical Guide to Making Decisions and Writing Reasons for Members of Administrative Tribunals and Arbitrators”, The Canadian Institute, Seminar, November 20, 2007;
  • “Privacy Considerations through the Investigation Process” in “Professional Regulation and Discipline – Effective Ways to Ensure the Accountability and Impartiality of Your Regulatory Body”, INFONEX Seminar, June 22, 2005;
  • “Institutional Bias – A Sharpened Sword for Attacking Administrative Tribunals” (1997) 6 Reid’s Administrative Law 1997 (with William Shores, Q.C.);
  • “Institutional Bias – A Sharpened Sword for Attacking Administrative Tribunals” in “Dealing with Government, Boards and Agencies”, Legal Education Society of Alberta 1997 (with William Shores, Q.C.);

Teaching, Seminars and Lectures

University of Alberta

  • Sessional Instructor (with Dean Philip Bryden), Law 450 Administrative Law, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta, 2010-2011;
  • Guest Lecturer in Law 532, Constitutional Litigation, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta, 2002-2006;
  • Sessional Instructor, Law 450 Administrative Law, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta, 2002-2004;
  • Sessional Instructor (with William Shores, Q.C.), Administrative Law, Faculty of Business, University of Alberta, 1999-2002;

Education & Call To The Bar

  • 1997 – LL.M., University of British Columbia, (Thesis focused on Administrative Law)
  • 1978 – Admitted to the Law Society of Alberta, June 1978
  • 1977 – LL.B.(With Distinction), University of Alberta

In His Own Words

I really enjoy the client relationships in our work. We deal with bright people, and we have long-term client relationships with good people who are glad to have you there helping them. I have worked with many wonderful people over the years.

Some of the most fun files are when our lawyers get to work together as a team. Working in a collaborative way and mentoring some of our younger lawyers is terrific fun. I always enjoy working with other people who are interested in doing good work.

Away From The Office

David is a voracious reader and can often be found devouring a newspaper or three in the brief interstitial periods between books. He also devotes a “certain amount of time” to exercise, which he describes as being focused on maintenance rather than achievement.

David also takes considerable pride in the endeavors of his stepson Anthony, and helped launch the social enterprise http://www.anthonyatyourservice.com which has grown to employ multiple adults with intellectual disabilities, providing a source of meaningful, paid employment.

David is extensively involved in the community. He has acted as a Director for the Autism Society of Alberta, the Autism Society of Canada and the Gateway Association for Community Living, and Vice-President and President of the Autism Society of Edmonton. He was previously a member of the Minister’s Advisory Committee regarding the development and implementation of the Family Support for Children with Disabilities Act and related regulations and policies.


Suite 2250, Bell Tower 10104 – 103 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 0H8